Matisyahu, Benefit, Kyon Williams & Mr. Green - Live from the Streets - Ep. 8

Opublikowano: 03.09.2018 - 16:00


You Should Subscribe Here Now: Mr. Green is back with a new batch of tight collaborators this time hooking up with Matisyahu, Benefit, and Kyon WIlliams. Read on for a statement from Green himself. Get the track here: More Live from the Streets here: "For this episode we wanted to do something different, so Sam and I set it off by meeting up with Matisyahu in NYC. He's been crazy busy touring all over the place, but he was cool enough to chill with us for a few minutes, lay down a dope verse and do some beat-boxing. After that, I took his vocals back to the lab, threw some effects on them and put a beat together. Next, we traveled out to Philly to get my former beat-making student Kyon Williams to play some piano (FYI I used to do an after school program called "beat school" at University City High School in West Philly). It was crazy, I had a melody in my head, I sang it to him, and then within five minutes he had already laid it down perfectly. Then, I took the piano parts Kyon played back to the lab and mixed them into the beat. Finally, I took the full beat and sent it to my homie Benefit. We are mad excited to have Benefit on the show because he's an underground legend and one of the first artists in history to use the internet to spread his music across the globe. He hasn't dropped any thing in a minute and we are really proud that he chose to use 'Live from the Streets' as his platform to make a comeback. Be on the lookout for more Benefit x Mr. Green collabs in the future as well as Benefit's upcoming self produced solo album. I also want to take this time to announce that in 2014 we will be dropping an official "Live from the Streets" album featuring the songs from all of our best episodes along with some surprises and extra stuff nobody has heard yet. Thank you for watching so far, we aren't even close to finished, -Green" For more on the artists/creators check out: Benefit: Matisyahu: Mr. Green: Sam Lipman-Stern: ILL Mitch: Joel Young: Live from the Streets: ** Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like Noisey on Facebook: Follow Noisey on Twitter: Read our tumblr: